Aviva Pools

At the intersection of world-class design and flawless manufacturing you will discover the ultimate meaning of luxury, class and elegance known as Aviva Pools. Born of an uncompromising spirit of integrity, the Aviva Pools brand delivers a premium experience on the foundation of innovative creativity.

Exclusively manufactured with raw materials and an artisan spirit, Aviva Pools sets a world-class standard in backyard fiberglass swimming pools. In the mind of each artisan there can be found a masterpiece that becomes a premium product based by our warranty guarantees.

Set yourself apart from others as you enjoy a first-class experience from manufacturing to installation and beyond. Our outstanding team of master craftsman, fiberglass laminators, administrative team, logistics infrastructure, and network of independently-owned and operated dealers orchestrate a flawless delivery of your dream.

“Aviva Pools offers the world’s most dynamic in-ground, composite fiberglass swimming pools available with state-of-the-art technology, designed and built with integrity, care and love.”


We deliver happiness and a lifetime of backyard memories for families and friends.

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