Ultra Pool Care Squad

If you want to protect you and your family, enlisting the help of a premium pool cleaning service should be top of mind.  The Ultra Pool Care Squad will keep your pool water sparkling clean and free from infestation of bacteria, germs, dirt, and debris.  Our trained and skilled professionals will roll up their sleeves and get to work while you enjoy more time hanging out by the pool with family and friends. Regular pool cleaning ensures the water is hygienic and keeps the equipment in good working order and increases its longevity. Make the most of your backyard vacation and leave the dirty work to the pros.

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“At Ultra Pool Care Squad, our mission is to provide pool owners with the highest quality care for their swimming pools & spas. Our professional pool experts go above and beyond to make sure the swimming pools & spas they service are clean, healthy, balanced, and inviting so families can enjoy worry-free backyard recreation.”


We deliver happiness and a lifetime of backyard memories for families and friends.

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