Meet Explore Industries: Your Premier Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer

Meet Explore Industries: Your Premier Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer

Explore Industries: Elevating Backyard Experiences with Premium Fiberglass Pools

At Explore Industries, our dedication to excellence and innovation has established us as a leader in the fiberglass pool manufacturing industry. With over two decades of commitment, our mission has been to craft not just premium pools and spas but special places to gather for enjoying a lifetime of backyard memories with family and friends.

A Legacy of Quality: Over 120,000 Pools Installed

Our journey is marked by the trust of over 2,000 independent dealers worldwide and more than 120,000 pool installations—a testament to the reliability and quality of our products and services. From patented composite technologies, to stunning gelcoat colors, innovative pool designs, and lifetime warranties, our pools deliver a premium experience for our expansive dealer network and homeowners.

A Portfolio Showcasing Excellence and Diversity

Explore Industries represents a diverse portfolio of brands. As a leading fiberglass pool manufacturer, each of our fiberglass pool brands—Leisure Pools, Imagine Pools, Aviva Pools, Nexus Pools, and Evo Pools—reflects our ethos of combining quality, aesthetics, and durability. Alongside these, Integra Pool Covers offers premium vinyl safety covers for easy maintenance, while the Ultra Pool Care Squad franchise system positions pool professionals to deliver premium pool cleaning services across the U.S.

Additionally, our partnerships with leading pool equipment suppliers round out our ecosystem of products and services, providing everything a homeowner needs to enjoy swimming, splashing, or just relaxing in their backyard.

Looking to the Future: Innovation and Relationships

We want homeowners to enjoy the moment; we’ll think about the future. Our aspiration reaches beyond the present, continuously innovating to meet tomorrow’s needs. With every new design and technology integration, we’re shaping the future of the fiberglass pool industry. And even though we’re focused on delivering premium products and services, we’re building more than that; we help create a beautiful and inviting setting for enjoying a lifetime of backyard memories with family and friends.

Explore the Possibilities

Explore Industries invites you to become part of the story. If you’re a pool builder or installer, and you’d like to learn more about becoming a dealer for one of our brands, reach out to us here. If you’re a homeowner looking for the perfect pool, explore our brands.

About Us

Explore Industries is on a mission to deliver happiness and a lifetime of backyard memories for families and friends. With over 2,000 independent dealers and over 100,000 pool installations, we’re recognized as an innovative global leader with more than two decades of experience producing exceptional in-ground fiberglass swimming pools. Our portfolio of brands includes Leisure Pools, Imagine Pools, Aviva Pools, and Evo Pools, as well as Integra Pool Covers and our pool care franchise brand, Ultra Pool Care Squad. Learn more at